If you’re getting a little over skincare not delivering on its promises, or when you apply skincare you get all the feels including the stingy ones, you might be using skincare that isn’t right for your skin type.

BUT we’ve got you. There are many ways to test your skin type – at home.

1. Take the day test

The easiest means to determine your skin type is to see how it performs from morning to evening on a typical day.

Results (at the end of the day) Skin type
Does your face feel oily and look shiny? oily skin
Is your T-zone shimmering, but the rest of your face is mostly matte? combination skin
Do you have minimal oil, flakiness, or redness, or none at all? normal skin
Is your skin flaky or tight? dry skin
Is your skin itchy, red, or inflamed? sensitive skin

2. Try the wash test

A day-long test may not make sense if you shower midday after a quad-killing session of indoor cycling or if you’re exposed to irritants like wind, nasty weather, or raging sun on your evening commute. At any time, you can try this assessment and achieve similar results.

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and don’t apply any product or makeup. Wait 30 minutes and examine how your skin feels.

Try this test when your face feels relatively calm, meaning it’s not red hot after a run or stinging from a fruit-enzyme peel or feeling tight after shoveling snow off the walk.

3. Get your picture taken

A dermatologist may have certain photographic methods for helping to evaluate your skin’s behavior further if necessary.

Vascular filters can analyze excess or unhealthy blood vessel distribution — indicating sensitive, irritated, or rosacea-prone skin. UV-like filters can demonstrate sun damage and pigmentation.

Other methods can highlight subtle changes in skin texture or pore size or even indicate oil production.

More of a watch and learn type – we found this great tutorial  Learn Your Skin Type by Susan Yara

If you’re still unsure, or you’d like a second opinion – consider making an appointment with a Naturopath or Dermatologist.

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