Can you believe we’re nearing the end of spring and welcoming summer? And with that, we welcome more heat, more dry wind and navigating how to support dry skin and hair.

And that’s where Aloe Vera comes in. Aloe is a marvellous and powerful natural plant. It’s not a cure by any means, but it’s a rock-solid way to support your skin, body and hair even more so with sun exposure.

Did you know that this beautiful country we live in, Australia has one of the highest UV indexes in the world. This means that Aussies are at greatly increased risk of sun damage and potentially, sun cancers.

Sounds intense, but it’s worth understanding the risks in being exposed to the sun. But also to enjoy it. And don’t let that deter you from amazing summer adventures, and fun in the sun.

So, let’s talk about Aloe Vera. What makes it so incredible? The Aloe leaf stores water and gel and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. This easily grown and easy to manage plant also has the capability to Inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that can cause infections in people. Most commonly we can apply the gel straight to our skin to instantly calm and cool damaged skin. Apply to hair to replenish lost moisture. Or pop it in a smoothie if you’re feeling the need for extra hydration.

It is important to understand that Aloe in its organic and natural form is brilliant and is highly productive in repairing skin cells and replenishing lost moisture. Mass-produced aloe however, may not have the same effect because it’s often diluted and processed to a degree that its natural benefits can be lost.

My tip for summer: pack aloe like you’d pack water. Take it everywhere.

Now for the best bit. If you’re a fan of Aloe Vera, and more so, love applying it after a day in the sun for that instant repair and cooling of the skin, try a smoothie.

Here’s how:
Collect these ingredients:
– 1/2 each Aloe Vera large leaf, cleaned
– 1 cup coconut water from a young coconut
– 1 small cucumber
– 1/2 each lemon fresh, juiced
– 1/2 each pineapple cleaned and cored

Follow these instructions:
– Prepare all ingredients ready to juice.
– To prepare Aloe Vera, slit one of the edges with a sharp knife and open up the outer layer. Scoop out the gel and discard the outer layer.
– Put all ingredients though a juicer or a blender.
– Drink straight away.
Now you’re all set.

As always, enjoy and always spread kindness like jam on toast!


“My tip for summer: pack aloe like you’d pack water. Take it everywhere”

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