I love this saying so much, it’s printed on my uniforms. I love it because hate is unnecessary. I have strong feelings against pickles, but it’s still not hate. And then there is exfoliating. The single most important weekly tradition for your face and body. Everyday I meet new people, and everyday those people will share with me their skin care routine or lack thereof. And 99% will say either “what’s exfoliating?” or “no, I don’t need to”.

As an advocate for always removing what is unnecessary in life, dead skin cells and excess sebum is one of those things you absolutely don’t need to hold onto. Dead skin cells stop cell rejuvenation and turnover, and excess sebum is that little critter that produces acne as well as that shiny film on your face and the really unpleasant greasy feeling.

The greatest benefit I have found from formulating different varieties of exfoliant is the after effect. Boosting cell turnover, the lighter feeling and the deep and gentle cleanse into your pores. Again, I will always be pro Organic. I cannot comment on chemical-based varieties. That’s not my speciality.

So, if you haven’t tried or found an exfoliant for your face or your body that has worked satisfactorily for you, below are some ingredient suggestions:
Face ingredients that are beneficial will be Bamboo Powder, ground Rosehip Seeds, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Spearmint.
For your Body, I’m a fan of a dual-purpose body wash and exfoliant. I prefer to save time and effort wherever possible. So, a Coconut or Olive base for the gentle cleanse, Lemon Myrtle, ground Rice, Kale and Citrus Peel.

I would only ever recommend once weekly facial exfoliating, we don’t want to strip your natural oils, merely remove the excess. And with bodywash, your body has thicker layers of skin, so trial this for yourself, as a guide perhaps twice a week.

Some tips for the newcomers:
– Start with a gentle and fine exfoliant.
– Avoid harsh sandpaper type textures
– If it stings on application, don’t grin and bear it, rinse off immediately.
– Start off once weekly for your face
– Apply a pea sized amount on your face and gently massage with your wedding finger. (Fun fact, this is your weakest finger, so I’ve learnt)
– Twice weekly for your body
– If it makes you feel refreshed and confident, love it hard!

Now, if the thought of looking for these ingredients or any organic ingredients feels overwhelming, I am always here to help. Visit my website where you can contact me with any questions or check out our range.

As always, enjoy and always spread kindness like jam on toast!