About Us

Naturally COS is a multi award winning organic skin and hair care company locally owned and made on the Gold Coast, QLD.  Established in 2010, the founder of Naturally COS (then Celebratzio Organic Skincare) Rebecca Castano Mander, has created a brand that is more than skin deep.

Our Mission

Naturally COS’ mission is to create skin and hair care with a difference. Growing up, Rebecca struggled to feel confident in her own skin and hair, and it was this feeling that ultimately fuelled her passion to create her line of high quality, high performance products. “You should feel confident and beautiful in your skin, thats why I create COS”.  Since 2010, Rebecca has been pioneering the way for skin care that is truly natural, organic, toxin free, cruelty free and socially and environmentally conscious.

This core philosophy of Naturally COS underpins everything the brand stands for, from the ethically sourced, fair trade ingredients to the sustainable eco friendly packaging. Every decision is highly researched, considered and environmentally responsible. With access to a local off grid water supply, even the H20 that is used in Naturally COS skin care is as pure, clean and sustainably sourced as it gets.

Our Community Accreditations

At the heart of COS is our mission to meet, exceed and pioneer excellence in skin, hair and baby care. Our goal is to produce unrivalled, nourishing and sustainable skin, hair and baby care that leads in human, social, economic and environmental sustainability.

To do this, embracing community partners and learning from them is essential. COS is proud to be acknowledged, partnered and endorsed by the following:

LOAEL Global Group (Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level) 

Organic Beauty Awards

Safe Cosmetics Australia

Evie Ryan Naturopath

Zero Waste

Naturally COS is committed to embracing a zero waste business model. Using recyclable and reusable materials such as glass, aluminium and bamboo, jars and containers are refillable and will stay away from landfill for years to come. If a single use material is required, it is compostable and/or biodegradable.


Another tenant of COS Organics core philosophy is its philanthropic commitment to local communities around the world. The COS We Care Project aims to support environmental and social initiatives by donating profits from each product sold. You can read more about the Project here COS We Care Project

Our Team

So who are we? Our team consists of aestheticians, aromatherapy blenders, beauty therapists, anxiety/depression  councillors and naturopaths. United in our passion for quality skincare products, our experts have worked together to develop a skincare range that contains active ingredients to support you and your skin. And every product in our range is natural, ethical and of course, safe. Regardless of your unique skin concerns, we have a product or two for you!

Naturally COS is here to show you that natural, organic skin and hair care CAN do what it sets out to do, whilst also being kind to the Earth and all its living creatures.

Join the Naturally COS movement today!